Am I stuck or just scared of writing?

So the quest continues into my inability to write my novel. Is it merely my perfectionist self that says things to me like: ‘You can’t do that’ or ‘Do it right, if at all’.

Or am I stuck because the idea is bigger than me at the moment.

Stuck to find my characters motivations in each scene.

Stuck to put conflict into every scene.

Stuck on how to create tension.

Stuck on how to get a good opening and closing to each scene.

Stuck on how to vary the tempo between scenes.

Stuck to complete a full 2nd draft, a draft that reflects more fully where I want this novel to go.

Stuck because I know this novel is a good idea.

Stuck because I am torn between a shitty draft and making my writing exceptional.

Stuck with putting the time in to get the writing done.

Stuck with becoming a ‘good’ writer and getting better at it.

Stuck with making time to…

I lie, I waste time. I have the time.

Now I need to believe I can do this and be fearless when I write.

(I wrote this in March 2012 as a 5 minute free-writing exercise.)

Free write your fears out about your own writing. Do it every day for a week. Then stop and write your own novel.