The positives of procrastination

The byline of this blog is simple ‘Writing and the art of procrastination’ and yet I’m loath to admit that I get more productive after I’ve procrastinated a bit. After all, we’re supposed to be productive all the time, you know, bang out the 5000 plus words of our target before lunch. Every day. Simples. Not.

This blog post from Positive Writer says it all brilliantly about embracing procrastination, labelling procrastination as taking a break or slowing down but without the guilt trip because a break refreshs you for the next writing session, slowing down reduces stress, gives your mind time to mull over the next scene, action, word.

Here it is: Creative Flow: 8 Reasons Why Procrastinating is Better than Working


4 thoughts on “The positives of procrastination

  1. Good link – excellent advice and I wholeheartedly agree. Guilt (in relation to not working/writing) is too much hassle, makes you feel bad and rarely results in anything good!


    • Thanks. Realising the benefits of procrastination in the guise of ‘take a break from the work sans guilt’ to come back refreshed and ready, comes with experience, and that’s the key to it, coming back to write again. I’m still learning with a way to go.


    • I was going for a high number, which would be definitely a first draft e.g. during Nanowrimo and you’re falling behind so one day you type like crazy (note this is probably never repeated again). I was also thinking of a prolific writer like Joyce Carol Oates (I read somewhere that is her daily production) but that aside, we produce at different paces. Somedays I’m just happy to produce anything at all. 🙂


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