Procrastination is a fickle thing!

So obviously I should have been writing posts for this blog but when you have a procrastinator writing a blog about procrastination, well, really what did you expect?

I thought I didn’t have anything to write so the first week went by and I thought I don’t want to bog down anyone with too many posts anyway.

Second week and I was busy on something else, let’s say I was having writers block on my novel but writers block on my novel takes precedence over writing the blog because as you know inspiration can strike at any time and if I was writing the blog posts I may loose valuable time during my writers block, precious time that could have been spent worrying about not writing the novel.

Third week. Ahh, Nanowrimo. Now I have a genuine reason not to be writing a blog. Sure, aren’t I writing anyway and even when I’m not writing, I could be thinking about the novel for Nano and I don’t want to think of a blog post, that takes too much time.


Fourth week…ah well…

Ah, yes, the ability of the procrastinator to come up with numerous excuses has to be applauded for the sheer tenacity to stand up for one’s beliefs.

‘There’s a good reason why it didn’t get done!’ we say.

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